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Monday, 9 February 2009

Kali Pertama, Bukan Pertama Kompleks

Ditag untuk kali pertamanya!! Excited! muahehehe..
Telah berjaya Ditag oleh Miss Syahida.

1.Do you think you’
re hot?
Yerp! sometimes..
when i get caught by fever. heheh

2.Upload favourite picture of you.

3.Why do you like that picture?

B'coz tak ada lagi gambar aku botak dalam simpanan. ini kali pertama aku botak licin sepanjang 20 tahun aku hidup. ada rupa anak betong tak? toyol ke? hahaha!!

4.When was the last time you ate pizza?

B4 quitting the job from Pizza Hut last month! Boycott Amerika and Israel!!

5.The last song you listened to?

Song named "banyak songeh"!! haha

6.What are you doing right now besides this?

Makan kacang ngan yin dan minum hot coffee

7.What name would you prefer besides yours?

Hurmm..Tengku Shahril Iskandar Muhaimin of course!! nama tu cool giler bahbeng to me! haha

8.People I’m tagging

- Lekir

- Aswad

- Buddy

- Azlee

- Emyrul

9.Who is number 1?

My close friend, My best buddy.

10.Who is number 3 is having relationship with?

Me laa! i'm her friend what?

11.Say something about number 5.

Politicians. Hidup PKR!! Hidup Pas! Hidup Tok Guru Nik Aziz!!

12.How about number 4?

Classmate. seGayong.

13.Who is number 2?

Roommate. Game Freak too. ngeh3..